The Asemblr Guarantee: Why you need it

We live in a world where unfortunately things can and do go wrong quickly.

Suppliers and event management organisations generally do not include insurance cover against loss of investment when unforeseeable catastrophes happen. No matter how much planning, foresight and alternative options you prepare for, if a broader incident kicks off your event could be cancelled due to safety risks, environment damage or lack of accessibility.

Threats of terrorism have caused a climate of anxiety amongst all event organisers and are now regarded by risk management as a highly foreseeable concern when planning an event. Global warming too is causing chaos in the corporate event management arena and associated industries. titled 2017 as “the year of disaster” due to the extreme weather conditions and increased number of catastrophic natural disasters taking place. Hurricanes, floods, wildfires and earthquakes hit hard and repeatedly from all corners of the globe throughout 2017.

Can your organisation's event budget afford not to be covered against these types of risks, which are steadily becoming more and more of an issue? There are few event planners who would be willing to take such a massive risk and potential hit on their event budget, especially if they had the power to mitigate this risk altogether.

At Asemblr we’ve taken on board your risk concerns and included a complimentary insurance policy to cover unforeseeable risk on every event booked and paid for through This insurance policy is called the Asemblr Guarantee. So in a nutshell - if your event is cancelled or abandoned by any of your booked suppliers through our insurance policy guarantees that your transaction investment or monies paid up at that point will all be fully reimbursed.

Asemblr has also taken a pledge to do their utmost to source suitable replacement options before the event is scheduled to takes place (where possible), and failing this then our team of experts are on standby to assist in sourcing suppliers and booking the event on a later, suitable date.

Gloom and doom aside, we touch wood you'll never have to make use of our policy, so breathe a sigh of relief knowing your event is in the safe hands of Asemblr as soon as you complete your booking.

We’ve got your event investment protected from all angles. All you need to do is get booking...


Credit: Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash