The Asemblr Guarantee: The insurance cover your event needs!

We live in a world of turmoil where unfortunately disasters of all magnitudes keep on occurring. The past two weeks news headlines bear testament to that, and we're not just talking about the weather!

Did you know that the Asemblr has taken on board event booking risk concerns and includes a complimentary insurance policy to cover unforeseeable risk on every single event booking received and paid for through the platform?!

This insurance policy is called the Asemblr Guarantee and includes a cover of up to £10,000 GBP per event due to the following incidences occurring:-

• Terrorism • Riots • Civil Commotion • Strikes or Labour Disputes • Unavailability of the Venue unless due to renovation or building works • Denial of Access at the Venue • Volcanic Eruptions/Ash Clouds • Earthquakes • Failure of Public Utilities (gas, electricity, water) • Public Transport Problems • Food Poisoning • Requisition of Venue(s) • Adverse weather • Failure to vacate subject to a 40% limit of the budgeted revenue • Any other causes not excluded by the policy wording • National Mourning provided that the date of death or funeral coincides with the event date(s) but excluding persons over 65 years unless otherwise agreed

Therefore, if your event is cancelled or abandoned by any of your booked suppliers on due to disaster striking then our insurance policy will kick in and offer you full compensation on your investment.

The team at Asemblr has also taken a pledge to do their utmost to source suitable replacement options before the event is scheduled to take place (where possible) and failing this then our team of experts are on standby to assist in sourcing suppliers and booking the event on a later, suitable date.

Can your organisation's event budget afford not to be covered against these types of risks, which are steadily becoming more and more of an issue?

We’ve got your event investment protected from all angles. All you need to do is get booking!