The Smarter Event Planning Podcast is HERE!

Hot off the press and taking the M.I.C.E. and TMC industries by storm, we're proud to announce our much-anticipated podcast, Smarter Event Planning.

It's time to take control of your event destiny and develop a successful event strategy with The Eventrepreneur.

Hosted each week by highly acclaimed Jason Allan Scott, renowned throughout the industry as The Eventrepreneur, who will be chatting to & sharing insights from some of the most powerful & inspiring role models within our industry today.

Jason who has been voted twice by Haymarket Media as the most influential person in events has cherry-picked 28 highly successful women and men who are notably on top of their professional game.

Join Jason and his inspiring guests as he cuts through the sometimes confusing jargon to share in their real-life advice, best working practices and ultimately how to set out and win the race to success by working smarter, not harder.

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