Smarter Event Planning: Episode 3 with Kevin Jackson

It's time to take control of your event destiny and harness a successful event strategy with The Eventrepreneur and a weekly special guest's insights.

In this episode, Jason Allan Scott speaks to Kevin Jackson, Business Growth Specialist Speaker and Author who is renowned for creating growth for businesses and brands and voted most influential in events.

A long-standing disruptor and thought-leader, Kevin has been an influential player with some of the world’s most respected marketing services groups, working with a vast range of brands, he has explored every discipline within the marketing mix.

Although marketing ecosystems may have evolved over the last thirty years, Kevin’s singular focus has remained unchanged. In short, he makes growth happen.

Cutting through the complexity and confusion that tends to inhibit business success, Kevin brings a rare perspective on every touchpoint between a brand and its most valuable audiences, as he targets the strategic objectives of his clients, and finds creative ways to solve their problems.

As an industry visionary, innovative thinker and relationship manager with an unrivalled track record of success behind him, Kevin’s passion is for harnessing the power of his clients and helping them to achieve their true growth potential.

With a strong belief in the importance of driving engagement, participation and action, Kevin focuses on ensuring that every communications solution involves a memorable and meaningful brand experience. This, he demonstrates as Director of Ideas and Innovation at his own growth agency, The Experience Is The Marketing. His rules for this are simple: - “Treat people as people, entertain them, educate them, connect them with each other – and be useful in their lives.”

No wonder, then, that he has also been consistently voted one of the most influential people in the UK event industry for five years running. However, his influence extends beyond the UK, and has seen him invited to spread the Gospel of Growth at conferences in Las Vegas, Prague, Moscow, Zagreb, Madrid, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, Austin, Zurich, Barcelona and New Orleans.

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