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Want to make the most of the upcoming European summer by soaking up the sun and creating unforgettable memories with colleagues and clients alike?

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Being in charge of office party planning can be an exciting job, filled with the opportunity to extend your chosen summer evening with fun and well-earned downtime amongst your colleagues. And although we're only just heading out of winter, now is the optimal time to start researching and getting your plan up and running, and most importantly - your supplier bookings secure!

Here are a handful of Asemblr's top considerations when planning your organisation's sizzling hot summer party.

1. Be generous and spend what your budget allows

Your colleagues need to feel rewarded so there's no better way to inspire and delight them than at an office shindig that's thoughtfully planned and budgeted for. It doesn't need to be an all-singing, blinging, dancing affair but it does need to be well executed or it will feel like a cheap insult to their efforts.

2. Find a unique venue and everyone gets excited

It's really exciting for colleagues to discover their summer party is going to be held at a hot new venue or enviable rooftop terrace. Establish important must-haves for your brief first: should the venue be exclusively yours, is it easy to get to transport wise, does the venue offer flexibility in menu choices, drinks and themes? Once you have a shortlist contact each supplier instantaneously through event builder on Asemblr and you'll be able to see pretty much straight away who can help you.

3. Book your venue as early as possible

This goes hand-in-hand with shortlisting and booking all of your preferred suppliers as quickly as possible. Thursdays and Fridays throughout June and July are always the most popular dates for corporate functions so have at least 3 venue choices as back-up options until you have your automated notification via the Asemblr event builder tool that your booking is confirmed

4. Ensure there is enough menu choice variance

Once your venue has been booked you can fine-tune your menu preferences through the venue or an external catering company (should you require one simply add to your shortlist on the Asemblr event builder page). Always make sure there is enough food to cater for everyone's tastes and appetites. It should be seasonally appealing and served at correct intervals.

5. (On that note!) Be smart with drink choices and stipulate what the company drinking policy is in advance, to avoid any misunderstandings

It's perfectly acceptable to de-emphasize alcoholic consumption at company events, purely out of concern for employee well-being and other potential legal and safety issues. Employees themselves need to make a savvy choice whether to drink alcohol or not, and how much... but by limiting their options by only serving beer, wine and non-alcoholic punches the emphasis on consuming alcohol is removed.

With everyone on the same page, the event will be executed smoothly, and a great, memorable time will be enjoyed by all.

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