Make technology work for you.

"Don’t be afraid of change and new technology. All businesses are embracing technology which changes the way we work. Use it to your advantage, become more efficient and be involved in the change..."

Chelsea Guerin - Innovator of the Year 2018 (Birmingham PA Awards)

I recently read an insightful article published by Executive Secretary, titled Automation and Our Profession – Are You Prepared. It made me realise just how much the responsibility of an EA and PAs' role has evolved... and is still evolving.

The market place is brimming with new solutions, automations and ways to enhance productivity and utilisation in business. If an administrator is currently conducting low value tasks, these will be replaced by artificial intelligence at some point - there's no doubt about that. For some professionals technology may therefore be seen as a threat, especially if one relishes in more mundane, thankless administrative type tasks. I'm certain that this is not the case in most instances.

Fact: Adaptable EAs and PAs are indispensable within their workplace and to their Executive leaders. Suggesting better utilisation methodologies is therefore a significant opportunity to step up and have a voice as a respected leader and presence of a trusted associate, not just a PA.

If you haven't already actively considered ways to embrace technology, or adapt in your role then here are a few starting points to get going:

- Review your day to day tasks and establish which of those could be automated.

Tasks such as event planning, meeting management, team building, incentive bookings, conference bookings, diary management and many others can now all be automated, thanks to technology.

- Make a list of high value tasks you'd like to own.

More intense tasks like forecasting or budgeting, market research, social media, blogging, digital marketing, recruiting, interviewing and people management require human intervention and are skills which can be learned or acquired through experience.

- Identify skills gaps you may need to close to succeed.

There are so many courses and qualifications you can complete online to enable you to progress, and to show your Executive you are committed to taking on HVT (high value tasks).

- Put yourself out there; you are your brand!

Make your presence known, both internally and as an industry associate. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals; join peer groups on social media, attend courses, read and participate in panels and discussions, take note of what others are using or recommending and attend networking events. The online community of inspiring and supportive EAs and PAs is just phenomenal.

- Enter awards

Get the recognition you and your organisation are due. There are so many locally driven PA and EA Awards available to enter, or spread your wings further and look at other award opportunities outside of the EA and PA market.

- Get your boss on board

This is the most important consideration if you want to evolve and change your value within your organisation. Share your vision with your Executive, what your plans are and how you'd like to "up your game". Demonstrate how streamlining lower value tasks will improve overall productivity and ROI for the organisation.

Embracing technology and change is a best practice which is working out successfully for so many of our industry's most innovative EAs and PAs. And, by doing so they are also establishing themselves as powerful associates and indispensable resource partners within their organisations too.

If you'd like to see how technology is being used to simplify event planning then let us show you how.