How to become a Meeting Room Hiring Expert

Finding a perfect meeting room and location can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack. It can be incredibly stressful and time consuming especially when it's all last minute, which is very often the case! It's all on your shoulders, and no doubt you'll feel determined to make the entire external meeting room experience highly enjoyable for your colleague or boss, and dazzling for their guests.

Here are Asemblr's fool proof tips on becoming a meeting room hiring expert within your organisation, quickly and seamlessly:

1) Take a thorough brief from the meeting host. This should include the meeting objective, tone of meeting, number of participants, facilities required, time duration and budget?

2) Determine the meeting participants' locations and maximum distance they could travel to attend. (Bear in mind that if the meeting is a sales pitch the client should have the least amount of distance to travel.)

3) Search & shortlist your meeting room options online. allows you to refine by location, view the room layout and facilities, and has a venue shortlist functionality built in to compare quotes and availability.

4) If necessary visit the venue so that you can visualise the setup in more detail and ensure it ticks all the boxes brand and brief wise, including:

  • The room layout suitability and that all participants will be able to see and hear what is being presented from any angle.

  • Furniture & decor options - are the chairs comfortable, is the table the right size, is there an option to bring in or remove furniture items.

  • A technology check (i.e. the internet speed, wifi options, mobile signal, electrical sockets, HDMI or ethernet points availability, telephone lines)

  • An equipment overview (review and test all presenting facility options like plasma screens, televisions, projectors, USB output points, ethernet cables)

  • Brand suitability (the venue and room should be aligned with your company brand and the message your colleague will be delivering during the meeting.)

  • Catering & refreshment options (consider dietary requirements, tone of meeting, nearby restaurant options for lunch or post-meeting drinks)

  • Location and precise directions (make note of where the building entrance is and exactly where participants need to register and go to once inside the venue.)

  • On-hand support from the venue (is there at least one point of contact on the day of the meeting so that if any issues arise they will be dealt with immediately.)

5) Book and pay the deposit to officially secure your chosen venue through This will save you valuable time on resource management as everything is stored in one place and it's completely free to use.

Sourcing and hiring a meeting room online quickly and easily is now possible. If you haven't yet tried to find your next meeting room and streamline your booking process then now is the time.

Start searching

P.S. How about having a back catalogue of tried and tested or interesting looking meeting room options at hand, ahead of time? Simply register on, search and save your favourite venues to an event shortlist. You'll have everything you need at hand, the next time you log in.