EA Focus: Skevi Constantinou

This week I'm delighted to share insights from an inspiring industry acquaintance and leading West Midlands Executive Assistant, Skevi Constantinou.

Skevi was a finalist for the recent Birmingham PA Awards 2018 for the category "Leading by Example and Inspiration." And inspiring she most certainly is. With a finger on the pulse for all things happening within the industry and it is evident that Skevi is a go-getter and a credit to her title and the industry at large.

Having originally trained in hospitality, Skevi found her way into the Executive Assistant role. Skevi holds a bachelors degree in Hospitality and Spa Management from the University of Birmingham. Skevi has worked for various firms throughout her EA career supporting CFO/CEO and is currently supporting a number of Partners.

One of Skevi's recent success stories include launching a sought after networking forum called The PA Way. This exciting site focuses on food reviews, events, networking, wellbeing and lifestyle specifically targeted at EAs, PAs, VPAs and Office Administrator professionals nationwide.

Having worked as an EA for a number of years, Skevi wanted to create a community driven initiative to bring like minded peers within the industry together. The PA Way does just this, with an interactive platform which allows for networking and forming community spirit - or as The PA Way call it "The Squad". The platform aims to inspire, empower and motivate those in the industry to be the best that they can be but hones in on wellbeing too.

Skevi Constantinou said “I wanted to create something which truly focuses on rewarding assistant professionals and the intensity of work they do. We represent incredibly important industry figures as gatekeepers and are powerful influencers as a result. My goal is to put us assistants in the limelight and to be treated ‘Like A Boss’. Ultimately assistants are simply AMAZING at what they do so deserve the same perks as their stakeholders!

I will endeavour to inspire as best as I can to always ensure that assistants using my platform learn The PA Way method and have access to the best contacts and support, whilst ensuring along the way that their wellbeing will always be the heart of what I do”

Become a part of Skevi's Squad by signing up to The PA Way now.

The team at Asemblr wish you the very best Skevi and look forward to working alongside your PAs and EAs should they be looking for an event planning platform to simplify and streamline their event management process.

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